Bringing Persona to Life

The backstory to this image goes as follows. Melly just walks up to me asks if I would shoot their Persona group.  As usual I have absolutely no motive to proceed, but I figure, yolo.  For whatever reason, all I can think about is visualizing a shoot for bands.  Since that image is in my head, I project that idea onto this lovely ensemble of passionate cosplayers.  In regular fashion I've never played the game, don't know the characters. Usually I talk about the game briefly, but this is super casual and quick (legit, we're talking 5 mins tops), besides I had a couple drinks before arriving on the Hilton steps.  Long story short, there's a picture below that came to be.   There is way more to how this all came together, but I'd rather being obnoxiously verbose than give any words of real value.  Enjoy the image.